January 2014

Lots of updates this month - lots of people contacted us with new clues and evidence
  • Minor update to the Thelwall, Lydiate and Denton tree, following firm evidence that John (b.1799) is definitely the son of Peter and Mary and information about some key gravestones in Appleton. Thanks to Paul Doodson.
  • Significant update to Devon and Cornwall tree featuring Albert Doodson - new evidence allowed the Prestwich tree from the unmatched trees from 1911 census to be moved here. Thanks to Michele Cavannah.
  • Update to Clifton tree, with more information about Leonard (b.1891) and other descendants of Peter Doodson and Martha (neé Fish). Thanks to Alan Wallwork.
  • Significant update to the Pilkington tree: one of the unlinked trees from the 1911 census (featuring Albert Doodson b.1880) now incorporated. Thanks to Tracey Strellis and her sisters. Sadly this makes the Pilkington tree very large indeed.
  • Updates to Reuben tree after finding details of Thomas (b.1835) marriage in 1861 in Glasgow.