Everything you wanted to know about Doodson family history

Places named after a Doodson

In my researches and web wanderings I've come across a few places called, or named after, a Doodson.  Most of them are a mystery as to who was the Doodson in question.  The only one I've any certainty about is Doodson Avenue in Lidcombe , which is a township to the west of Sydney.  In April 2013 Cynthia Coleman contacted me to point out the explanation for this naming.  Previously the street was called Hanover Street, but was renamed Doodson Avenue in memory of Frederick "Curly" Doodson who lost his life at the Dardenelles in the Great War in 1915.  See the newspaper article explaining this here . There are mysteries remaining about the other Doodson roads (e.g. Doodson Avenue in Irlam , Lancs, Doodson Square in Farnworth , Lancs, Doodson Court in Eltham , Victoria, and even 

Doodson's Corner on the Sea-to-Sky Highway 99 in British Columbia, Canada -see also this photo

 on Flickr).  So far I've not been able to find out how any of them got their names.

If anyone out there can shed any light on these Doodson places please contact us (link at left).