Everything you wanted to know about Doodson family history

Photos - Pilkington and Australia

… A fairly random selection of photos of Doodsons from various sources.  Mostly these relate to the Pilkington tree and the Robert Doodson in Australia tree.  Thanks to Lee Hoinville for the Australian ones.  Click on each photo for a larger version

Frederick Doodson  (Tree: Australia)

Edward Albert Doodson when joining up in 1942 (Tree: Australia)

John and Alexis Doodson at Coutt’s Crossing (Tree: Australia)

Isabella Doodson and Dugald Maynard (Tree: Australia)

John Doodson (Tree: West Derby 1911)

Richard and Nancy Doodson (Tree: Pilkington)

Thomas and Elizabeth Doodson and sons (Tree: Pilkington)

Thomas and Elizabeth Doodson (Tree: Pilkington)

A young Ernest Doodson (Tree: Pilkington)

Thomas, Elizabeth, George, Arthur and Ernest Doodson c.1900 (Tree: Pilkington)

Ernest Doodson (Tree: Pilkington)

George and Arthur Doodson  (Tree: Pilkington)

Ernest Doodson. Feb 1919 (Tree: Pilkington)

Elizabeth Doodson (Tree: Pilkington)

Noreen and Annie Doodson c.1932 (Tree: Pilkington)

Annie, Noreen and Peter Doodson c.1937 (Tree: Pilkington)

Ernest and Annie Doodson - their only wedding photo 1921 (Tree: Pilkington)

Arthur and Elsie Doodson in Italy (Tree: Pilkington)

Thomas Doodson in Merchant Navy uniform (Tree: Pilkington)

Arthur Doodson after receiving CBE at Buckingham Palace, with Elsie and Thomas 1956 (Tree: Pilkington)