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Doodson-related Memorabilia
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The original handwritten family tree that started this site way back ...

Ernest Doodson Medals.JPG

Medals awarded to Ernest Doodson

Ernest Doodson medals edges.JPG

Edges of three of the medals awarded to Ernest Doodson

Ernest Doodson Army Cyclist Corps cap badge.JPG

Ernest Doodson's Army Cyclist Corps cap badge (1915-1916)

Ernest Doodson East Yorks badg cap.JPG

Ernest Doodson's East Yorks regiment cap badge (1916-18)

Ernest Doodson RFC cap badge.JPG

Ernest Doodson's Royal Flying Corps cap badge (1918-19)

Arthur passes.jpeg

Newspaper announcement of the death of Arthur Doodson in 1965

Thomas Doodson Liverpool watch.jpg

Pocketwatch made by Thomas Doodson (b1831) in Liverpool

George Doodson Walsall watch.jpg

Pocketwatch made by George Doodson (b1865) when living in Walsall. He was born in Liverpool