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Biographical obituary written for the Royal Society of London in 1968 

Article about Arthur’s contribution to the D-Day landings

A very interesting article in Physics Today “The tide predictions for D-Day” published September 2011, written by Bruce Parker.  This article gives a brief history of how tides were predicted, as well as the specific events leading up to D-Day in 1944.  Extraordinary to read that Arthur was not actually told which sites he was predicting tides for, though he later admitted that he had guessed that the locations were in Normandy.

Wikipedia entry!

Someone finally got round to adding a Wikipedia entry on Arthur's work on tidal prediction.  It's definitely focussed on his analytical work and doesn't give much more about his life, but it's great that he's recognised in Wikipedia.

Flaybrick Memorial Gardens, Bidston - Arthur was buried there after his death in 1968. This site has a page showing an extraordinary collection of photos and documents relating to Arthur's life, including a photo of Arthur outside Buckingham Palace after receiving his CBE, with his wife, Elsie, and son, Thomas, standing with him.

The Tidal Glossary on the web site of Australia's National Hydrographic Authority [ link ] has the following definition:  " Doodson's number : A six digit number, with each digit describing a different characteristic of tide according to a system developed by Doodson in 1921." Fancy that! Imagine having a number (or six of them) named after you! That puts Arthur alongside such luminaries as Avogadro and Planck. And no, I can't remember what either Avogadro's number or Planck's constant were, to my shame. A  number of references on the internet to Arthur and his works have sadly disappeared, but here are some extracts that you may find interesting:

Tides and Tidal Prediction - there used to be the following explanation on the web site of Linden Software Ltd [dead  link ], a company making software for predicting tides: "... Like most hand-waving explanations this simple description of the tides conceals a torrent of mathematics. For further information consult the classic reference: Admiralty Manual of Tides, HMSO London 1941, Doodson AT and Warburg HD." 

More references to Doodson numbers in tide prediction software : In this case by Stormy Weather Software [dead  link ] - their site used to have this explanation: "All Doodson numbers (s, h, p, N and p') are corrected by adding {Species x ( -s +h )} (Species being 0 for long term, 1 for diurnals, .... 6 for sixth diurnals); this facilitates conversion from Tau (lunar day) to UTC in later calculations." Any the wiser?

A computer named after Arthur: There used to be a server called "" at Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Tallahassee, USA.

You want more? For more stuff about Arthur's work on tides, simply go to Google and type in "Doodson tide" into the search field ( click here to do just that automatically ).