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Around the world - Doodsons in the media, Famous Doodsons, Doodson places and "friends of the site" 

This section of the site is for specific people and places called Doodson, rather than genealogical aspects such as family trees and the history of the Doodson name.

Famous Doodsons:

There are two dedicated pages for two Doodsons who have made significant contributions to the world, whether we're aware of them or not: Arthur Doodson (expert in tidal prediction) and Peter Doodson (designer of the CD/DVD jewel case). 

There are a handful of other Doodsons who are relatively famous, at least in their own fields:

  • Peta Doodson who's an actor in an Australian TV series ("Blue Heelers") called - she was even in an episode of Neighbours in 2006. Here's a brief summary of her career (link)
  • Nic Doodson is a singer in an acapella (i.e. just voices, no instruments) group called The Magnets, who have a very successful career, having appeared on national TV in the UK and have supported some huge pop acts.
  • Mike Doodson, who has been reporting on Formula 1 races for motor sport magazines for many years. There are a couple of books by him on Amazon (do a search for Doodson), including "Nigel Mansell : The Complete Pictorial Record". If you do a search on Google for Mike Doodson this fellow is usually the one that comes up most.
  • Veda Doodson - a fictional Doodson. Amazingly, this Doodson was in the TV series "The new adventures of Superman"! [link]. The episode, which was first broadcast in October 1996, was called "Brutal Youth", in which Veda Doodson creates a device that ages other people, whilst keeping her youthful. What prompted the writers to use the surname is a mystery!
  • Doodson Insurance Group - As far as I've been able to work out so far, Doodson Insurance Group is not related to my branch of the Doodson family. I gather that the founder of the firm died some years ago, but his name continues through the company, which is based is based in Levenshulme, Manchester, where there were a few Doodson families in the early 1900s according to the census.

Doodson place names:

Much to my surprise there are a number of roads and landmarks named Doodson, so there's a page describing those.

"Friends of the site":

Over the years lots of people have contacted me via the web site, and I thank them all for their contributions and positive feedback.

Rather than have a separate page, I've listed them all below…

2017 April - Doug Doodson, Australia

2017 April - Lyn Foster, England

2017 Feb - Liz Henry, San Francisco, USA

2015 May - Lee Hoinville, Australia

2014 Jan - Alan Wallwork, Tracey Strellis, Paul Doodson, Michele Cavannah, all UK

2013 Nov - Fleur England, Bob Doodson, both UK, Joe Emery, USA

2013 Oct - Hazel Claridge, UK

2013 Sept - Andrew Pinder, UK

2013 Aug - Greg Foster, UK

2013 July - Gerry Millward, Australia

2013 May - Joe Emery, USA

2013 April - Cynthia Coleman, UK

2013 April - Bruce McCormack, USA

2012 Dec - Janice Yi, USA

2012 Nov - Eddie Doodson, UK

2012 Aug - Barbara Dootson, UK

2012 July - Rebecca Butler, UK

2012 June - Nathan Head, UK

2012 Feb - Brenda Miller, UK

2011 Dec - Paul Doodson, UK

2011 Dec - Kathryn Doodson, UK

2011 Nov - Michele Cavannah, UK

2011 Nov - Karen Armfield, UK

2011 Oct - Tricia Chester, UK

2011 Oct - Caroline Bird, UK

2011 Jun - Peter Doodson, Netherlands

2011 Jun - Rob Watson, UK

2011 May - Peter Taylor, UK

2011 May - James Doodson, UK

2011 May - Paulette Willerton, UK

2011 Apr - Christine Brind, UK

2011 Feb - Keith Doodson UK

2011 Feb - Stephen Stanley-Jones, UK

2011 Jan - Hilary Daneen, UK

2011 Jan - Catherine Spratt, UK

2010 Aug - Norman Doodson, France

2010 Feb - Peter Fawcett

2009 Dec - Deborah Jones, UK

2009 Oct - Christine Tollerton, UK

2009 Aug - Jenny Morris, UK

2009 July - Barbara Dootson, Bury, UK

2009 Feb - Kim Griffiths, UK

2009 Feb - Claire Taylor, UK

2009 Jan - Maureen Gullion, USA

2009 Jan - Lyn Foster, UK

2008 Nov - Denise Greenhough, UK

2008 Sept - Sue Herriott, UK

2008 July - Geoffrey Doodson, UK

2008 June - Mark Doodson, Rochdale

2007 Oct - Andrew Doodson, Melbourne, Australia

2007 Sept - Maureen Jepson, UK

2007 Aug - Shannon Doodson, UK

2007 Aug - Simon Doodson, UK

2007 Aug - Peter Doodson, Eindhoven ,Netherlands

2007 Apr - Shane and Sasha Doodson, BC, Canada

2005 Sept - Thomas Doodson, Wilmslow, UK

2005 May - Richard Doodson, Queensland, Australia

2006 Mar - Peter Doodson, Warrington, UK

2005 Jan - Michael Doodson, BC, Canada

2005 Jan - Chris and Melinda Doodson, BC, Canada

2004 Oct - Paul Doodson, Telford, UK

2004 Sept - Philippa Doodson, UK

2003 Nov - Lesley Doodson, UK

2003 July - Mark Doodson, UK

2003 June - Josh Doodson, UK

2003 Jan - Gary Doodson, Tintwistle, UK

2002 Jan - Mike Doodson, Colwyn Bay, UK

2001 Nov - Alan Doodson, Mossley., UK

2001 Nov - Hazel Claridge, Birmingham, UK

2001 July - Kate Doodson, Plymouth, UK

2001 July - Nic Doodson, UK

2001 June - Denise Greenhough, UK

2001 June - Alan Turner, UK

2001 Feb - Brenda Miller, Blackburn, UK

2001 Feb - Paula Sullivan, Radcliffe, UK (now Australia)

2000 Nov - Alan Doodson, Mossley, Lancs

2000 Oct - James Doodson, Kingaroy, Australia

2000 Oct - Richard Doodson, Kingaroy, Australia